The Hose Connector Category can be very confusing for the consumer so we designed and manufactured the ultimate interactive unit for display in a major DIY multiple.

This was rolled out to all their stores and helped to demystify the purchase process from tap to hose end. This not only drove sales but also reduced the demands on their busy staff.

We will work with your Sales & Marketing teams to help achieve your category objectives throughout the channels in which you operate. Whether it’s “shop in shop solutions” or driving planned, impulse and associated sales, we will help to deliver those key brand initiatives for your important customer and internal meetings.


Brands are constantly under pressure to provide new initiatives to their customers, particularly at Range Review meetings.

Qube3 can help you bring together your NPD, promotional, pricing and packaging initiatives at the point of purchase.

This starts with high quality visuals and can then progress to prototypes and production.


Qube3 were challenged to create a new range of displays for the complete Derwent range to work across their retail estate for both independent and multiples.

A key objective was to make the fixture easier to shop by the use of both horizontal and vertical blocking. This was achieved for a range of “hang sell” and shelf mounted products by producing modular steel panels, bus stops, lecterns and poster frames.


Special “Duo Epos” shelf strips were used so that the product information could be clearly displayed without being obscured by the epos price labels.

The shelf strips created clear horizontal blocking to make the purchase process much easier for the consumer.

Westland at Homebase


Westland Control Corner

Controls Corner was developed for Westland Horticulture in order to drive impulse sales in the Lawncare, Pest Control, Weed Killer and Plant Feeding Categories.

The stand has a compact footprint and is easy to build with a 4 piece metal frame and 16 injection moulded shelves which are light but strong.

It gives customers a simple choice of Westland’s best-selling products and has driven sales in these key categories.

William Sinclair

We worked as an integral part of the new Trade Marketing Department in order to revitalise the brand and drive sales at the point of purchase.

Focussing on the new branding and Category Management initiatives for both the independent and multiple customers, we formed a key part of the many customer range review meetings.

Go Outdoors

We were asked to create a suite of fixture and freestanding units for a diverse product offering including Sat Nav’s, watches, binoculars and knifes.

Modular oak “play tables”, “beacon” table top frames and mpeg drive screens were installed with stand-alone security systems. They focussed attention and drove sales for these important categories and converted many browsers into purchasers.

Go Outdoors


As almost 70% of purchasing is made at the point of purchase, this is the area you can’t afford to neglect. We developed a variety of visually impactful units to help drive Tetley’s sales through the catering sector.

A number of different materials and processes were used to ensure the units were perfectly adapted for the environment in which they were placed.


Proposed prestige counter solutions.

Unilever Knorr

Working from an initial brief to develop a highly sophisticated category management system for a major UK retailer, we were able to quickly proceed to the manufacturing stage. This was achieved by creating handmade acrylic fabrications then progressing to fine toleranced rapid prototyping using a combination of SLA and SLS computer modelling from surface CAD files.

This process allowed us to create multiples of cast models from silicone moulds in order to arrive at fully functioning models for European in-store evaluation before production.

Unilever Knorr

Constant force spring technology.

Unilever Knorr

Category managed shelf solution.


A sales promotion concept was rapidly developed from a pre prepared design proposal to a fully functioning working sample. It involved laser cut stainless steel fabrication and accurate SLA prototyping for the production of silicone moulds in order to mimic engineering plastic component properties.


Kaymed is at the forefront of sleep technology with a range of innovative products in the marketplace.

We supported their retail presence with high quality consumer promotional media activity for LED boxes and overhead signage. This ensured that the features and benefits were conveyed to the shopper at the point of purchase and helped to establish the emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.